5-Word 365 #264 – Talent For The Game

Sports Movie Week continues with day 5: baseball. I’ve already watched Moneyball this year, so I went back into the history drawer to evaluate this lesser-spotted gem.

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5-Word 365 #224 – Murderball

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Olympics are on. At least they are while I’m writing this. I understand they’ll be over in a couple of days. Anyway, between my day job, getting to my day job, and doing these columns every day I have managed to watch a grand total of jack shit from London. To make up for that, I figured I’d go for an appropriately topical documentary this week.

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5-Word At EIFF 2012 – Leave It On The Track

I was out and about doing a few interviews today at the festival, so I only got the chance to watch one film. Don’t worry though; I chose wisely. In case it isn’t already obvious by now, I’m putting my usual theme weekends on hold for a couple of weeks, as my schedule is pretty much dependent on the vagaries of the festival organisers. Or in shorter words: no kids film today. Sorry.

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5-Word 365 #166 – Moneyball

I still have the flu. This means that I find myself sleeping a lot during the day, and when I’m not sleeping I’m often camped out in the bathroom. This also means that I don’t really have the opportunity to go hunting for films to watch in the depths of the Netflix and Lovefilm libraries, so I just stick to what might already be in the house. Here’s what I found in the pile next to the television. If it’s in your pile, you should watch it too. It really is quite good.

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5-Word 365 #128 – The Winning Season

Have you heard of The Dice Man? It’s a novel from 1971 written by Luke Rhinehart, about a man named Luke Rhinehart who started living his life by the roll of a die. I read that book when I was at University and it kind of stuck with me (I also read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but I was smoking a lot of weed that month). It always seemed like such an interesting and care-free, not to mention dangerous, way to live; that transference of all responsibility for your own actions onto a little cube of plastic. What doors would that open up in your psyche, I wondered. What would you find out about yourself, and your limits? Unfortunately I don’t have any dice in the house so I used a bouncy rubber ball to choose today’s film. My psyche remains unaffected. Read More