5-Word 365 #355 – Nativity!

Hark! The herald angels sing. Glory to the Thursday film.

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5-Word 365 #167 – Ella Enchanted

I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but I am a soppy git. I don’t like feeling manipulated, but anything genuinely romantic just gets me all misty. A friend of mine sent me a YouTube clip today where a guy got all his friends and family to do a musical number in the street to help him propose to his girlfriend, and watching it sort of reminded me of the opening credit sequence from Get Over It (only with a happier ending). I’ve seen that film too many times to write about it here in this project. Luckily for me though, the director Tommy O’Haver followed it up with an adaptation of a book that was an updated version of Cinderella. It’s sort of for kids, and it’s on Lovefilm streaming. Ha! You all thought this was just going to be another random ramble, didn’t you?!

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The Wire: The Musical

He hates 40 degree days.

Yeah, I know this isn’t movie-related, but it was just to awesome to not draw attention to. It has been ten years since the debut of The Greatest Television Show In History, and to honour this illustrious occasion, some of the old gang are putting on a show. Read More

5-Word 365 #152 – Xanadu

I realised the other day that I haven’t watched too many musicals this year. Musicals used to be the pinnacle; the jewel in the Hollywood crown. Arthur Freed, Busby Berkeley, Gene Kelly, these names were spoken of with the same reverence reserved now for your Steven Spielbergs and Christopher Nolans. And when was this Golden Age of the musicals? The thirties, forties and fifties. Times of depression, war, massive upheaval. But inside a musical the world is better. People fall in love, they dance, they can’t help but sing their troubles away. When the real world is turning to shit, that’s when we need the escapism that musicals can provide. There have been sporadic bursts of life from this oft-maligned genre since then of course, but if you hold up a studio balance sheet next to a history book, guess what you see? And where are we these days? Wars, recessions, massive upheaval… So I figured I’d watch a musical today.

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Mamma Mia

Here’s a special bonus treat for all you lovely people: a guest review from a friend of mine, Mr Andy Young, esq. You know how I watch the shitty movies so you don’t have to? Well, he watches the really shitty ones so that I don’t have to. What a guy. Read More