Andy Finally Watches (and Ryan finally posts)… Harry Potter V

Ladies and Gentlemen, and those reading over your shoulder, it has been a while, but that is due to mine host forgetting he had a website to maintain. Well, now he has finally woken up and general ramblingness can be resumed, so without further ado…… Read More

I’m Not Dead, I’ve Been Bootlegging

Hello Dearest Fans and Admirers,

In case you were wondering (I’ll just assume my absence has been keeping you up nights with concern), I have not entirely given up this writing about films lark. In fact I spent last weekend at the most haunted bar in Edinburgh™, Banshee Labyrinth, diving headfirst into the Bootleg Film Festival. And then writing about it. Read More

Best Of 2012: The Beginning

So the supposed “few days”off turned into three weeks awfully quickly.

I sat through quite a few movies last year; probably more than in any other year of my life. I didn’t review all of them, but I must have watched about 500 films in those 366 days. A lot of sites like this do a “Best of the year” list and I’m no exception, but I thought I would do mine a little differently. First off, there are going to be two lists. The first one is for flicks that were released in 2012, followed up in a day or two by the best movies from other years that I saw for the first time in 2012. The other big difference is that I don’t really have any empirical formula for deciding which films are The Best, so these will simply be the ones that I enjoyed the most; the movies that appealed to me on an individual level.

So here we go. Read More

5-Word 365 #364 – Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

Golly, we’re getting pretty close to the finish line here folks. For the newer arrivals among you, this site was running before this 365 days of reviews nonsense started and it will continue to run afterwards, but there are going to be some changes. For one thing, I won’t be posting every day (at least not while I still have a day job!) and there are a few possible regular features I might be trying out over the coming months. I’m not gonna give away too much yet, but stay tuned.

First though, I need to get cracking with today’s flick. Read More

5-Word 365 #363 – Agent Cody Banks

Since this is the last Kids’ Film Friday of the year, and I am at home with my nieces, I was intending to watch something with them. Unfortunately, they have the attention spans of a particularly distracted goldfish (and they’re in bed by six) so I had to improvise. Shame though; it might have been fun to get the perspective of a two-year-old. Read More