5-Word 365 #295 – Alone In The Dark

Uwe Boll. If any director is more strongly derided by film fans, I would be deeply, deeply surprised. Not even film fans, actually. Most of his flicks are based on videogames, if “based on” was defined as “taking the name and throwing out everything else that made the games fun or new or interesting”, so game fans think he’s a hack as well. Not even Paul W.S. Anderson gets it as bad in the neck as Boll. Read More

5-Word 365 #250 – Legion

Day 250. Woo and indeed hoo.

I remember being quite excited to see Legion when the first trailers started appearing back in 2009. The whole idea of an angel on the run from his own kind with a big knife and a bag full of automatic weapons was just too badass to ignore. And then the trailers made way for the reviews and comments from folks who had actually seen it; comments that were almost universally damning. While I wasn’t swayed entirely, at least my eagerness had been tempered. It has taken two years to finally get around to it, and here we are. I’m doing another live commentary today on the film described by Wikipedia as (deep breath) an apocalyptic, supernatural, biblical, action, fantasy, thriller.

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