5-Word 365 #241 – Marty

After Ernest Borgnine sadly passed away earlier this month, I realised that there were very few of his movies I had actually seen. Trying to remedy that sorry situation, I immediately added today’s picture to my Lovefilm rental list. Tomorrow I’ll have another one for you.

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5-Word 365 #100 – The Seventh Seal

Today is April 9th, 2012. It is the one hundredth day of the year, and the one hundredth day of 5-Word 365. And yes, I’m as surprised as you are that I haven’t quit yet. I wasn’t quite sure what film I was going to watch today. It was suggested at work that I go for something terrible just for fun. Battlefield Earth was one name that had been bandied about; unfortunately it wasn’t available in time, but it’s still on the list. I will have that pleasure soon enough. After about half an hour trolling through the Netflix selection my roommate Iida told me to stop trying to find one and just pick one. After that bolt of wisdom, I ended up hitting the button on the first film I passed that I hadn’t seen. No other criteria than that. And so, without any further waffling from me, here is Day 100: Read More

5-Word 365 #095 – Forbidden Planet

I miss Due South. That was a really fun series; the on-going adventures of Constable Benton Fraser of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of his father and, for reasons which don’t need exploring at this juncture, remained, attached as liaison to the Canadian consulate. Any of you who were in either Canada or the UK (or possibly one of 148 other countries) and watching television between 1994 and 1999 will know what I’m talking about. My favourite episode of that show – and one of my favourite single episodes of TV ever* – was called All The Queen’s Horses and featured a guest appearance by Leslie Nielsen as Sgt Buck Frobisher, he of the famed Double Douglas Fir Telescoping Bank Shot. By a wonderful coincidence today’s movie also features Leslie Nielsen, in his second film and first leading role. Other than that, I’ll admit this was a bit of a tangent. I was listening to Stan Rogers earlier; got me thinking. Read More