1. Romualdo Izaguirre · May 16, 2013

    ¡Long live practical effects! And I really mean it. Those of us less lucky to have been born after the “golden age” who would like to do something like that would certainly hope for more practical effects and less ABusing of CGI, it would give hope for those dreams in a near or midterm future.

    Greetings, from Mexico.

  2. I’m doing everything I can to support this project and get the word out. It’s not just about ADI, it’s about everybody’s love of this art form.

  3. Edward · November 19, 2013

    The Monster special effects, Makeup effects, and creature animatronic effects are real and lot more better than CGI effects. Alec Gillis or other legendary special effects artists should teach every new special makeup effects students to just do the real practical special effects, air bladders special effects, makeup effects, and creature effects without adding any of the phony cartoonish CGI effects at all. I hope that new special effects students will make their own alien horror movies to monster transformation horror movies.

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