5-Word 365 #308 – Mansome

Another week down, so it’s documentary time again. This week, we’re dropping by to see what Morgan Spurlock has been up to this month.


Super Shave Me, it ain’t.

Morgan Spurlock and some famous pals discuss the concept of male grooming and how it affects the definition of “manliness”.

This film is a comedic examination of the latest trends in grooming techniques for men. It focuses on four individuals (including Spurlock himself) with wildly differing viewpoints on the topic. Spurlock talks about his trademark porn-stache and the Movember fundraising event; we join competitive beardsman (yes, having a beard is now a sport) Jack Passion at the World Championship in Germany; spend some time with pro wrestler Shawn Daivari, who needs to shave his entire body before each event; and finally we meet Ricky Manchanda, a fashion buyer who spends a fortune on manicures, eyebrow-threading (by the way, can someone please explain to me what the hell that is? Thanks) and even makeup to look the best he possibly can.

In between these extended features, the film’s executive producers Will Arnett and Jason Bateman spend a day at the spa together, and there’s commentary from Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis and others.

Some captions just write themselves.

If Spurlock’s career as a documentarian was an LP, Mansome would be the filler track. It’s entertaining enough and passes the time, but it doesn’t really have much to say. This topic is certainly ripe for both ridicule and serious examination, but SpurlockĀ can’t seem to decide which stance he wants to take. As soon as the film threatens to stumble into any serious anthropological territory, Adam Carolla pops up to steer us back towards the comedy.

If you’re a major Spurlock, Bateman or Arnett fan then this is for you. It might also keep some of the Arrested Development addicts in check until the new episodes appear. Otherwise, if you skip this you’re not missing much.

Go ahead, punk. Make my day.

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