5-Word 365 #282 – Extract

I think I saw a trailer for this film a couple of years ago and liked it, but it just fell completely off my radar. It’s always a shame when that happens.


Affleck should get a spin-off.

Jason Bateman stars in Mike Judge’s follow-up to Idiocracy as Joel Reynolds, owner of a flavour extract company who just wants to get laid, but whose entire life is sent into a tailspin after an accident in his factory leaves an employee with only one testicle. Having a gorgeous scam artist on the premises certainly doesn’t help matters either.

Originally conceived as a companion piece to Office Space, Extract is a workplace comedy from management’s perspective. Bateman is perfectly cast as the put-upon Joel, and everyone around him is spot-on as well, including J.K. Simmons as the factory manager who refuses to learn any of the employees’ names, Kirsten Wiig as Joel’s increasingly distant wife, and Ben Affleck as Dean; Joel’s best friend, bartender and resident bad influence.

Probably Affleck’s funniest role to date. It’s the beard, you see. Beards are cool.

Judge again shows his knack for dialogue that is instantly believable though just slightly ridiculous. Extract isn’t as bitingly satirical or as consistently hilarious as its spiritual predecessor although it does have an easy-going way about it that makes the whole thing a pleasure to watch, despite Joel’s ever more dire circumstances. As a director, Mike Judge has always been more about the performances than the visuals and this flick is no different.

The film is clearly total fiction though. I’ve worked in a factory; none of my colleagues looked like this.

There is nothing in the way of suspense since you know everything is going to work out okay in the end, but seeing how Judge gets you there makes Extract a low-key but very entertaining movie. The awesome country rock soundtrack certainly doesn’t hurt either.


  1. mistylayne · October 10, 2012

    Nice, never heard of this but I enjoy his stuff.

  2. Morgan R. Lewis · October 10, 2012

    I’ve heard a little about Extract but never checked it out. I really liked Office Space but Idiocracy wasn’t very good in my eyes.

    • Ryan McNeely · October 11, 2012

      You should enjoy it then. I quite liked Idiocracy, but the tone of this is a lot closer to Office Space

  3. Bubbawheat · October 14, 2012

    My wife watched this and I only came in at the tail end of it, but it looked like a pretty fun movie. Had no idea it was a Mike Judge movie.

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