5-Word 365 #281 – Zombies Zombies Zombies

Well folks, we’re now past the forty weeks mark. Hands up who thought I’d never make it this far? Yep, me too.

Zombies Zombies Zombies

It should’ve been in 3D

A ragtag group of misfits take shelter in a strip club when an unfinished cancer cure turns the residents of a small town into bloodthirsty zombies.

In 1997, there were two big volcano movies. In 1998, two giant asteroid movies, as well as two animated ant films. In 2008, Hollywood’s penchant for doubling up went indie, with a brace of low budget flicks about strippers and zombies. One of them was based on an absurdist play by Ionesco, starring Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson; the other was Zombies Zombies Zombies.

Known in parts of the world as Strippers vs Zombies, Jason Murphy’s directorial debut features amateurish acting, ropey gore effects and logic gaps you could drive a truck through. I have an affinity for bad movies that try to outgrow their limitations, and by some strange alchemy this manages to create the one thing that can counter its failings: charm. The enthusiasm of the cast and crew is oddly endearing and made me moderately enjoy the experience of watching this.

Really, what’s not to love about this?

While I did enjoy it, I am still objective enough to realise that most of you won’t. I can’t in good conscience call Zombies Zombies Zombies a good film, although it does have some good moments including a self-referential fake-out opening starring Troma scream queen Tiffany Shepis. This is a flick best watched with an audience of like-minded degenerates and an ample supply of booze. If you’re going to watch it, let me know; I’ll bring the booze.

You zombies have fucked with the wrong ice princess!


  1. mistylayne · October 9, 2012

    Yes, yes, yes! This movie is residing in my queue, yes!

    • Ryan McNeely · October 9, 2012

      Good! Let me know what you think. It’s fun, but it’s no Antfarm Dickhole.

      • mistylayne · October 9, 2012

        NOTHING is Antfarm Dickhole. EVER. I’m actually trying to hunt down something worse than that now just to see if it exists.

      • Ryan McNeely · October 11, 2012

        You realise this just makes me want to watch it more, don’t you?

      • mistylayne · October 11, 2012

        You should. Some others did and it’s ended up being a fun group activity. 😉 PEER PRESSURE!!!

      • Ryan McNeely · October 11, 2012

        (goes hunting on amazon) Damn you, peer pressure!

      • mistylayne · October 11, 2012

        I’m pretty sure there’s a link in my review that goes directly to Amazon….at least there should be I put links in for all the others…just saying, no hunting required… 😉

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