5-Word 365 #219 – Hot Rod

Short and sweet today. It’s late and I’m tired. Normal service will resume shortly, I promise.

Hot Rod

Funnier than Zoolander, for example.

Amateur stuntman Rod Kimble decides to raise the $50,000 to pay for his stepfather’s conveniently priced heart surgery by leaping 15 school buses on his moped, so that the old man will be well enough for Rod to beat him in a fight to prove his manhood. Wackiness ensues.

Whether or not you enjoy this movie will depend on how many times you can watch the “Dick in a Box” video on repeat before throwing your computer out the window. For me, that’s about 90 minutes. Yes, that’s right folks: The Lonely Island made a movie, and it is lunacy of the highest order. I should just come right out and say it: I really, really enjoyed this movie. It tickles my inner 12-year-old in ways you just don’t talk about at parties. I realise this is somewhat of a minority opinion amongst those of us who write about films, but what can I say? I’m a rebel. Hell, it is worth watching Hot Rod for the woodland dance and the “You’re The Voice” singalong alone. The rest of it is just gravy.

Now tell me, am I wrong? Damn right I’m not. It’s just a shame Andy Samberg’s big screen career is now as Adam Sandler’s straight man.


  1. theipc · October 26, 2012

    LOVE IT! I’m in on your blog!

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