Bryan Mills Just Keeps Getting Into Shit

Here’s another quick post just before I go to bed.

I loved Taken. That was a top quality grown-up action flick with my countryman Liam Neeson killing his way across Paris to find the men who kidnapped his daughter. And now, here’s the sequel. This time, it’s his wife that gets the head-bag treatment while they’re all in Istanbul, and just to keep things vaguely making sense it is the father of one of the men Bryan Mills (played by Liam) killed who is behind this effort. He is taking revenge for his dead son, handily neglecting the fact that sonny got himself killed by fucking with the man’s daughter.

But anyway, that’s enough trying to explain the plot. Feast your peepers on this cracking new trailer.

No mention of his special skills? For shame!

But seriously, I like it. It looks just moody enough, and it’s good to see Neeson taking advantage of his late-blooming action star reputation while he still has a couple of believable years left in the tank. What do you guys think?


  1. fernandorafael · June 22, 2012

    I haven’t seen Taken yet (crazy, I know) but this one looks very cool. I’ll watch the first one right before this one opens in a sort of double feature hehe

  2. TheBruce · June 22, 2012

    You won’t find a bigger action film fan than I, but TAKEN was one that I just didn’t like. I have my reasons.

    Also, I honestly think that TAKEN was conceived as a Seagal film, only Luc Besson and Pierre Morel didn’t realize how fat the guy’d gotten. Maybe it’s just me. But it seems to feature a lot of the bone-cracking revenge type shit Seagal got famous for (OUT FOR JUSTICE, anyone?), albeit PG-13 and with Liam Neeson. Again, maybe it’s just me.

    • Ryan McNeely · June 22, 2012

      Fair enough. I saw it more as a semi-parody of Seagal’s type of movies, with a bit more Gallic flair.

      • TheBruce · June 22, 2012

        I don’t know, man. I think the mood might have been a bit too serious to be a parody of Seagal.

  3. Paragraph Film Reviews · June 22, 2012

    Taken reminded me of old-fashioned simple story, loads of action 80’s (but with a budget) type movie… whether it was meant to be a B or not, it’s easily one of the best action films in recent memory – and most accessible. Glad they got Femke back, she’s one of my top hollywood totti (alongside Gina Gershon).

    Shame the story looks like a strl + c / ctrl + v effort – but meh, I’ll be checking this one out with the Mrs, then my mates. “They’re going to take your mother”… beautifuly / knowing / cheesy.

    Can’t wait.

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