5-Word 365 #106 – The Cabin in The Woods

This week, WTF Sunday is not brought to you in association with Netflix. I actually went out to watch a movie today. Shocking, isn’t it? This is one that I have been waiting to see for what seems like an age, and I finally got the chance. Was it worth it? Join me as we find out, with some haiku*.

The Cabin In The Woods

Run to the cinema. Now.

Kids in a cabin.                                                                Nothing is as it first seems.                                               Avoid the spoilers.

Whedon and Goddard,                                                       Made a movie just for me.                                                Those guys are awesome.

The other God(d)ard.                                                        Think Cloverfield, not Breathless.                            Jean-Luc would love this.

Ignore the cellar.                                                                                                                         Know what happens when you don’t?                                                                                    Blood. Blood everywhere.

Five attractive yet sociologically diverse college kids. In a cabin. In the woods. What could possibly go wrong?

Like Whedon’s TV                                                                                                                          But with more swearing, and boobs.                                                                                           You know it makes sense.

This is the last one.                                                                                                                           Is there more I need to say?                                                                                                          Go see it! Right now!

*I haven’t entirely lost my mind, honest. There’s another film review site I read called Today I Watched A Movie. Actually there’s a whole bunch of us doing this kind of thing. We all read and comment on each other’s reviews. It all seems a little incestuous at times, but in a good way. Anyway, this dude nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award, and in doing so he remarked that the five word bits on these posts (for anyone not paying attention, that’s the bit in bold type underneath the film’s title; kind of what the site is named after) give off a very haiku-esque vibe. So in thanks for that little bit of recognition, I may have got somewhat carried away.


  1. todayiwatchedamovie · April 16, 2012

    Haha wow! Actual haikus. I can’t believe it. Good job!

  2. atothewr · April 16, 2012

    I like the way you reviewed this. I need to see this movie.

  3. Emie Faun · April 16, 2012

    Genius dude! Do want to see this film now ^_^

  4. yaykisspurr · April 16, 2012

    I love the tags that give your blog it’s name! Cheers.

  5. ianthecool · April 19, 2012

    A Haiku review. Sweet. Man, I’ve been hearing good things about this. Perhaps I should check it out…

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  7. theipc · November 17, 2012

    This movie rocked people’s lame ass and these folks who go around saying they didn’t like it are BOOBS!!!

    • Ryan McNeely · November 18, 2012

      Now there’s a coinkidink. I was actually watching this movie for the first time since I reviewed it at the exact same time you wrote that comment! Freaky, dude.

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