New Avengers Stills Released

A whole bunch of new stills have been released promoting Marvel’s Avengers (or Avengers Assemble as they’re calling it on this side of the pond), among them a couple of really good looks at Cap’s updated costume. I’m still not sold on this new uniform, to be honest; I liked the WW2 get-up that Stark Snr. put together. Although, a lot of people were hesitant – if not outright mocking – of Thor’s costume this time last year, so I might change my mind completely when I see the flick in glorious Imax 3D.

Holy Utility Belt, Captain!

All six Avengers get a nice shiny picture, with Hulk, Iron Man and Black Widow all in civvies. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and the new housewives choice Tom Hiddleston (returning as Loki) are also featured.

Oh, hi Scarlett. Almost didn't see you there.

This and Ridley Scott’s Alien not-prequel, Prometheus, are easily the two flicks I am most looking forward to this summer. And there’s only 5 weeks to wait for Avengers (Assemble)! That’s right Americans, to make up for the silly name we get to see the movie a full week before you guys!

For bigger versions of these and the other eight shots, check out Collider.

Source: Moviezine, via Collider

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