5-Word 365 #054 – Evil Aliens

Hmm, I just realised I need to find a kids film for tomorrow that fits this little theme I’ve got going here. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, still got plenty of time. Today’s entry in our week of The Plot Is The Title, is Jake West’s minor classic:

Evil Aliens

If Lloyd Kaufman was Welsh…

A reporter for a TV show called Weird Worlde is dispatched to a small island off the coast of Wales with her crew to get the story of a local girl who claims to have been abducted and impregnated by aliens. Is she telling the truth? Well, yeah. Actually she is. And the aliens are pissed.

Emily Booth stars in a frankly rather unlikable role as Michelle Fox, the reporter, although my own goodwill towards her did kind of win me over a bit. The rest of the characters are all just stereotypes: there’s the slutty actress (who happens to be the show’s producer’s girlfriend); the flaming queen actor; the laddish cameraman and his sound man best friend; the uber-geek virgin UFO expert; and the Welsh farmer brothers who don’t speak English. None of them have any back story or depth or character development. In a film like this though, that doesn’t even matter. This is a Troma movie, by any other name. Once the fecal/ventilation interface kicks in, you’d almost swear Toxie is going to make an appearance behind one of the alien helmets.

Her audition for Poultrygeist 3 was a resounding success

Just so there’s no misunderstanding here, I love Troma movies. From me, this is high praise indeed. Even the look of the film is the same. It’s shot on inexpensive TV cameras with all live sound. In fact, for the first twenty minutes or so it looks like something that you would have seen on the old Live TV cable channel 20 years ago. Obviously the lion’s share of the budget went on blood and body parts instead of some kind of pointless frivolity. A budget, by the way, that was about fifty times larger than for West’s previous flick: the homemade Razor Blade Smile. It might start off a little slow, but once the bloodshed gets started and the cast thins out a bit, it just keeps getting more and more fun. Part of that fun comes from catching all the references to other movies that West manages to fit in. Off the top of my head I spotted Cannibal Holocaust, Independence Day, Braindead and The Last Temptation of Christ!

And, eh, Little Miss Sunshine?

This is the kind of film that movie lovers like us should be supporting. Low budget flicks made for the love of it. The acting may vary wildly from pretty decent all the way down to bad panto, and some of the visual effects are a little on the ropey side, but that just adds to the charm of it frankly. Next time you’ve got the gang around and you have lots of beer, and you fancy a good laugh with plenty of severed limbs and a bit of combine harvester action thrown in for good measure, remember Evil Aliens.

He's got a brand new combine harvester. He'll give you the key.


  1. Bubbawheat · February 24, 2012

    Hmm… literal kids movie titles… Howl’s Moving Castle? Monster House? A Bug’s Life? Toy Story?

    • Ryan McNeely · February 24, 2012

      Howl’s Moving Castle would be ideal, but none of the Ghibli movies are on instant watch.

  2. Paragraph Film Reviews · February 24, 2012

    Holy shit man, the synergy continues, and is properly fraking me out about now! Even name-checked a few of the same things. Caught this yonks ago on Zone Horror and remember loads, and loads, and loads of gore… and Emily Booth being a total babe.

    Would watch again.


    • Ryan McNeely · February 24, 2012

      Ha! Great minds, dude. Boof is a total b-movie queen, no doubt about it. I thought it was a nice touch how the actor guy was still alive after his Cannibal Holocaust re-enactment as well.

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