5-Word 365 #042 – Super High Me

And so Documentary Saturday becomes a regular event.

Super High Me

Doug smokes weed. A lot.

There’s a comedian in California named Doug Benson. He watched Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me once then made a joke about it in his act, to the effect that instead of eating McDonalds for 30 days, he should smoke loads of weed for 30 days. As so often happens in Los Angeles, there was a filmmaker in the crowd who thought this was a great idea and decided to make a documentary out of it. Now Doug is already pretty well known for being a pothead so before doing this 30 day challenge, he decided he had to go completely without pot for 30 days first. The result is Super High Me.

Inspired not just by Spurlock’s concept but also by his execution, Benson decides to talk with other stoners and comedians, as well as interview several of the licensed medical marijuana dispensary owners in L.A. In an interesting twist on the standard doc, his direct-to-camera moments are actually excerpts from the stand up shows he was doing through this period. I’ll give him this: Doug is a pretty funny guy. His stand up show, or at least the parts included in this film, did make me laugh but was entirely built around drug jokes. Admittedly that fits with the purpose of the movie, but if that’s his whole act it might get a little stale.

NEWSFLASH: Weed makes you psychic!

Try as he might to include clips of DEA raids and interviews with doctors (and a Senator) there really isn’t much to this besides “weed is awesome”. Okay, he’s not wrong, but a bit more depth wouldn’t have hurt the film any. As it is, there is nothing to be seen except for the star of the show’s own pre-conceived notions on the subject. He doesn’t even suffer any ill-effects during his 30 day binge. One or two dissenting opinions would have made this a stronger film politically. I doubt that was really the intention of the filmmakers though.

NEWSFLASH: Weed makes you funny too

In all honesty, I can’t find much to recommend this as a documentary, but as a concept comedy show it’s not bad.

Today, I also watched In The Heat Of The Night and Flash Gordon. I think you’ll agree, an eclectic but awesome movie day.


Okay, when I posted this last night I was planning to watch Flash Gordon but at the last minute we changed our minds and watched Tucker and Dave Vs Evil again instead. One of the funniest films of last year. You should all seek it out.

Go ahead, punk. Make my day.

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