5-Word 365 #004 – Attack The Block

In mid-December I got drunk and thought it would be a good idea to watch a movie I haven’t seen before and review it, every day of 2012. These might not be as in-depth of some of my other posts, but if I make it three weeks it’ll be a damn miracle.

Attack The Block

John Boyega is a superstar

Kidulthood meets Predator 2: this is how monster movies ought to be. It’s fun, scary, gory and I love it. If I was the type of person to apply an arbitrary marking system to the flicks I watch, this would get all five stars.

The best compliment I can think of for a screenplay is when the film doesn’t feel “written”. Watching this movie, you could believe that Cornish just dumped a load of angry aliens in a South London estate and filmed what happened. The cast of mostly unknown kids give totally believable performances and, even they start the flick as stereotypical “hoodies”, you’re rooting for them within five minutes.

Renn Brown at CHUD called this “the best action movie of the year” and I’m inclined to agree. It’s small-scale but hugely effective, with some excellent stunt work. The creature design is top-notch as well; the ideal mix of practical man-in-a-suit and CGI enhancements.

It’s difficult for me to be critical of this film since I only watched it today and I’m still buzzing about it. Maybe over the next few days as it settles into my head, I’ll be more aware of any flaws it might have. There may be some further thoughts on this one later in the week.

The question now for Joe Cornish and his star John Boyega is, how the hell do you follow a debut like this?

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