5-Word 365 #002 – Infestation

In mid-December I got drunk and thought it would be a good idea to watch a new movie* and review it, every day of 2012. These won’t be as in-depth of some of my other posts, but if I make it three weeks it’ll be a damn miracle.


Dawn of the Flying Bugs

Sadly, this film does not actually contain any cut-off leather halter tops. Or tennis racquets. There is gratuitous boobage though.

So, um, where to begin? Well, this is a surprisingly fun little movie. It starts with a cold open; a guy is wrapped in a cocoon and a giant (off-screen) bug injects him with something from its proboscis. I like that word, proboscis. It’s got a nice sound but it is kind of icky too. Anyway, after this lovely moment the flick jumps back to the guy before getting wrapped up like a caterpiller. His name is Cooper, and he’s played by Chris Marquette (the porn-obsessed best friend from The Girl Next Door), and he sucks at his job. In fact, he seems to suck at almost everything. And then the bugs come, and everything really goes to shit.

When Cooper first wakes up and finds a few people, the movie has echoes of any number of zombie apocalypse stories but with giant bugs instead of the undead. Luckily the gang makes a break for it fairly early, with the weakest actors being picked off first. It’s also a nice change to note that this flick does not meet Hollywood Rule #24. Eventually we get down to just a small handful of survivors, including genre fave Ray Wise as Cooper’s dad, who decide to make a raid on the bugs’ nest.

As I said, this is a fun way to pass 90 minutes. It doesn’t have any grand ideas or deep subtext. Despite that though, it is best not to think too deeply about the details or you might fall through one of the holes in the plot. One that got me was [mild spoiler] the bugs inject their cocooned soon-to-be victims with a sedative to keep them asleep. Cooper only wakes up because the bug that was shooting him up got distracted by a noise and injected him through the cheek, so all the gloop just ran right out of his mouth. Basically, he missed his dose. Now that’s all fine, but just opening up anyone else’s cocoon is enough to bring them instantly awake? Yeah, that’s convenient. And if this is a global thing, are there more of those asteroid-nests out there? Hmmm [spoilers end]

But that’s enough nitpicking for now. On the plus side, Bulgaria makes a convincing stand-in for Colorado (possibly – I’ve never been to Colorado), and the effects work is really good for a feature with this much money to spend, especially the practical modelwork. If you enjoy some good old fashioned genre silliness with an endearing cast then you can definitely do a lot worse. If I was going to pick something to double-bill this with, it would be Eight-Legged Freaks.


So that’s day 2 of this nonsense done and dusted. I’ve just realised that all my posts so far seem to be about films I’ve liked or at least mildly enjoyed. Part of me is looking forward to something that really gets my goat over the next 364 days…

*New to me at least. Something I haven’t seen before.

Go ahead, punk. Make my day.

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